Choosing The Right Boiler Service Plan

Sep 7, 2023 MY Blog

While you sign up for a annual boiler service protection plan you need to compare different companies and check tariffs what they include. You need to be sure that you find a plan which covers all the eventualities including breakdown and leaks whilst giving you the best financial deal possible.

There are a couple of ways to save money on your service, namely service plans and cost comparison. You can take out a boiler plan or service plan with some of the larger companies. By paying a small monthly fee you can be covered for boiler breakdowns and annual boiler service cost. Another option is to compare the cost of your service. You can go online and request free no obligation quotes from a variety of companies in your area. This is a great way to save money and not have to worry about a monthly fee.

What (not) to look at for your boiler service plan

There are some things you need to consider while choosing your boiler servicing provider:

  • You need always to look for special introductory offers and you might be best off changing providers on a regular basis. At different times of the year, these can give you some impressive discounts including money off your monthly payments plus free boiler installation or a lump sum to thank you for moving from your current provider.
  • Check and make sure that the service provider is registered with gas safe, the regulatory body of gas suppliers. This ensures that your service is safe.
  • Another factor that determines how safe your boiler servicing is depends on the qualifications of the boiler engineers. Sometimes sacrificing on price can mean sacrificing on quality. Companies pay their staff less to offer you a more competitive deal.
  • The price of your boiler servicing plan needs to include the cost of annual checkups and repair work that needs to be carried out. You should check if there is an emergency telephone number and a 24-hour call out service available.

Looking out for these criteria prevents your boiler provider from charging you any excessive fee when something goes wrong with your system. You would be satisfied that the boiler is in top working order and in case anything goes wrong, you are assured that it would be repaired without worries.